On our previous blog we discussed the difference between Customized Website and WordPress Templates. If you haven’t read that yet, check it out here: Customized Website vs. WordPress Templates . But if you’re already certain that WordPress Templates is the way to go, then this blog is what you’ll want to read next.

WordPress Theme is a tool (available exclusively on WordPress) that’s composed of ready-built layouts and designs used in creating websites. There are two ways to avail it: Free and Premium. Basing on the name, we already get the gist on how they differ but let’s delve deeper on what makes them different.

Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes have no hidden agenda. It’s really 100% FREE. It may be lacking in some way but not to the extent that your website will end up utterly useless. Here are some of its pros and cons:

pros and cons of free wordpress website

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes are far more flexible than free themes. It gives you a whole lot more freedom in how your website looks and feel. But freedom comes at a price. For Premium WordPress Themes, it’s not a hefty one though (if it makes you feel better). Let’s move on to its pros and cons:

pros and cons of premium wordpress website


And there you have it. For starters and those who prefer a simple design and features, availing a Free WordPress Theme is not really a bad choice. But if you want a fully customizable website with tons of features, then a Premium WordPress Theme is what you’re looking for.