Having a website for your business is the trend nowadays. Your website often serves as the first impression a potential customer has of your business. It has a massive scale to attract potential clients locally and all over the globe. Creating a website is just like building your business from scratch. It requires a well-thought-out plan. Business people, like you, are possibly too busy to consider creating a website of your own. If you’re one of them, know that there are options for you: Customized Website or WordPress Templates. Before you choose one, let’s look deeper into its pros and cons to identify which best match your needs.

Customized Website

From the word itself, you get to customize and take full control of your website’s design and features. This option is best to take if there are some functionalities and features you like to include in your website that is not available in ready-built platforms (e.g., WordPress). If this one is the perfect fit for you, you might want to consider to hire a web development company (like Grow Forward JP Inc. 😉) to help you out.

Pros and cons of customized website

WordPress Templates

WordPress is a widely used open-source platform for building websites or blogs. One of the reasons why others prefer it over a customized website is that you don’t need to have strong programming skills or hire professional web developers. Because its functions are straightforward.

Pros and cons of wordpress template


As mentioned above, we discussed and weighed the pros and cons. You just need to find the one that aligns to your business goals. If you’d like a unique feel to your website without being bothered of spending a few more peso, then go with Customized website. If you want a budget friendly instant website, then ready-built platforms like WordPress are perfect fit for your needs. Always consider your target and needs to choose carefully.