The year 2021 is now almost over, and the pandemic is already in its second year. Despite all the changes that occurred during the epidemic, many people chose to be hopeful about the year 2022. Ilonggos are looking forward to better situation next year now that almost everyone in Iloilo City has been vaccinated. It is anticipated that limited face-to-face classes will begin next year. New businesses are also expected to prosper now that everything seems to be returning to normal.
With this in mind, Grow Forward JP, Inc. envisions a productive calendar year. So how will Grow Forward JP, Inc. fare in the year 2022? New Year, new opportunities. In the coming year, Grow Forward plans for four significant things. Here’s how it goes:

  1. 1. More job opportunities
    As the number of persons who have been vaccinated grows, so does the number of work opportunities. Grow Forward hopes to give additional job opportunities for Ilonggos as a result of this. The following are the employment opportunities that are expected to be filled in the coming year:
    •  General Affairs Assistant Officer
    •  Teachers, both full-time and part-time
    •  Sales Agent (part-time)
    •  Web DesignerIf you’re interested in any of these opportunities, kindly check our hiring procedure for additional information.
  2. 2. Internship for IT students
    Grow Forward JP, Inc. partnered with the University of Iloilo and the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod this year, with the goal of sharing knowledge to its IT students. Grow Forward JP Inc. still conforms to the safety protocols, despite the fact that limited face-to-face classes will be implemented soon. Internships with the aforementioned universities will be conducted online and will begin in January 2022. Interns will go through the same hiring procedure as employees to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to apply for an internship.
  3. 3. Trip incentive for the top performing employees
    As a form of gratitude for their working hard, Grow Forward JP, Inc. sent two of its top performing employees to Japan in 2019. It was an all-expenses-paid trip where the company’s staff stayed for nine days, sharing their knowledge with Japanese students while also enjoying their stay. If the situation improves next year, Grow Forward wants to deploy another group of high-performing staff. Employees will have the opportunity to learn about their school and work culture, which they may use to their jobs back home in the Philippines.
  4. 4. Improved web development services
    With the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing, new firms that will launch next year are likely to focus more on developing an online presence for their company. The demand for web development and design grows as new businesses arise. Market rivalry is predicted to be intense. Various web development companies are striving to provide better services to their customers. Knowing this, Grow Forward JP, Inc. focuses on providing clients with accurate and convenient services. Check out our list of services for additional information here.

There’s a new beginning at the end of every tale. Grow Forward JP, Inc. hopes that this year will conclude on a good note, and that it will continue to do so for the next 365 days. May the year 2022 be filled with great thoughts and prosperity for everyone. Happy New Year!