Got a job interview but unsure of what to expect? It’s normal. Interviews can indeed be nerve-cracking at times. We’ve all been there. That’s why it’s important for applicants to prepare possible questions and answer them. This will make you less nervous and the interviewer might perceive that you really prepared for the interview.
Not all recruiters will provide you the details you need, unless you ask the right questions. Preparing for your interview doesn’t only include questions interviewer will ask. You also have to think of insightful questions to ask from them.

Here are 5 questions you can ask from your interviewer:

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1. Can you tell me about the company culture?
Knowing the organization’s culture and values will help you decide whether to accept the job offer or not. You want to make sure that your values and ideals align with their mission and morals. Consider asking them questions about their day-to-day operations, company activities and other activities to give you an idea on what it’s like working with them. Sharing similar values with a prospect organization is necessary for long term success.

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2. Why is this job vacant?
Is this a newly opened position or is this an existing position that became vacant? Was someone terminated?  Why?

It’s important to know why the role is vacant as this will give you a better understanding of the bigger picture. As the same time, it lets you know whether the reason for such vacancy is misalignment of values and culture, promotion, or transition to other groups.

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3. What’s the salary range for this position?
Asking the recruiter about the compensation is one of the important questions in an interview. Recruiters will be able to give you a compensation range benefits for the role. However, before accepting it, make sure that the salary fits your skillset. If it’s too low, you can save yourself and the recruiter some time and effort and move on with other opportunities. If it’s higher than your target salary in mind, you can use this information to negotiate with them once offered with a job.

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4. What’s the timeframe for the interview process?
This question should give you an idea of how quickly the position needs to be filled. Ideally, recruiters will provide you an estimated time range to hear a response from them. Once you know the time line, you will be able to manage your expectations and will prevent you from worrying to check for application feedback soon. Understanding the time frame lets you determine which job interview you will prioritize first. Job roles with no definite deadline could be a warning sign that the company doesn’t know the type of person to hire.

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5. What are the opportunities or career growth can I expect from this role?
Are there mentoring or coaching activities to advance my career in this organization? Does the company invest on employee development trainings?
Recruiters want people who are inclined to grow personally and professionally. Showing your interest about continuous growth is an essential factor in the job market. At the same time, knowing the career development in an organization gives you an idea of how the organization values their employees.

Asking the above questions is a great way for you to demonstrate your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and interest in the company. One way to know more about the company is to visit their social media pages, websites, and job sites. This will help you tailor questions that you want to ask from the recruiter. The more prepared you are, the better chances for you to secure a great opportunity.