Grow English makes learning possible through the Etsy marketplace.

While we are adapting to the new normal situations, Grow Forward JP., made a quick solution for Japanese learners to continue learning the English language in the comfort of their homes. Grow Forward JP is a company that provides something valuable. The company’s valuable vision is to provide convenient, beautiful, fun, and fast services. To serve this purpose, Grow English conveniently provides valuable materials with just a few clicks on Etsy. The materials are beautifully composed of pictures along with corresponding Japanese and English words, fun situational phrases and sentences in a day-to-day activity that will make your learning fast. And speaking of fast, the products are all in PDF file; it is a digital product and can be downloaded anytime, anywhere. After payment, you can easily download the materials, print them or read it on your preferred device.

The effectiveness of the products is guaranteed.

Grow English is a Japanese ESL company that has been providing exemplary classes to Japanese cram schools as well as individual Japanese learners who wanted to improve their English levels. The materials sold on Etsy were also the same actual materials used in Grow English classes, which made a great difference to the English skills of the Grow English students. From beginner to intermediate learners, EIKEN Test takers, Travelers, and people who just want to practice speaking English for fun, these materials have been proven effective in ESL classes.

On the other hand, the Grow English teachers who use these materials are also enjoy learning the Japanese language while teaching. As teachers wanted to give extraordinary way of teaching the English language in order to be more engaged with the students and make them feel more comfortable and confident in the class.

To continue, our desire to offer High-quality English and Japanese materials around the world is adapting to the new normal society. And we’ve chosen the most trusted marketplace, Etsy.
Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It is well-known for it’s special, vintage, and extraordinary items, which are handcrafted by various sellers around the world. Grow English of the Grow Forward JP Iloilo, one of the Japanese ESL companies based in the Philippines, recently launched their original products on Etsy a few months ago.

You might be wondering why Grow Forward JP chose to sell their products on Etsy. Well, here is the main reason why, since Etsy offers exceptional products around the globe, Grow Forward JP wanted to reach out to people anywhere. The products on Etsy can compete globally and it is not only intended for Japanese learners but For people from other countries who wanted to learn the Japanese language as well. The materials include English texts, Japanese characters in Kanji and Hiragana, and Romaji.Romaji is the method of writing Japanese words using the Roman alphabet. The purpose of putting Romaji in the products is intended for non-Japanese speakers who can’t read Kanji or Kana scripts. Grow English sells the basic and easy Japanese to English words as flashcards, Travel Book, EIKEN Writing Booklet, and Japanese Placards.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn something new, this new normal, and try to explore the Printable products designed for your convenience!

Visit the Grow English shop on and start your journey in learning a new language. Coupons for discounts are available for interested buyers!