It’s June! Time to get out of your cocoon!
Have you ever considered learning new skills that could kill your time and ease your boredom, or perhaps mastering a new language? As summer is officially starting, we can relax our minds and cool off our bodies in the scorching summer heat. Break free from the stress and learn something new every day. Grow Forward JP Inc. introduces you to our top four tips on what skills you can focus on this break.

1. Photography.
All it needs is a camera and an eye for scenery. You do not need to be a professional when taking pictures. Take a picture of whatever captures your eyes and keep it close to your heart forever. It is also one way to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and take a step back from all the deadlines. Breathe through beauty to clear your mind and soul, and refresh your thoughts occasionally to let new ideas enter and inspire you.
After some time of continuous photo taking, you will be more careful with the angles, light balance, and atmosphere. If you have more time on your plate, you can also practice your editing skills to enhance the beauty of your photos, but it is not necessary if you do not intend to.

2. Drawing.
Scribble here, scribble there. Everyone knows how to draw and make images from random lines to create shapes. If you have some free time, you can pull out some paper, like scratch, tissue, or a clean sheet of paper – just not the important ones! With a flick of your pen, you can create a masterpiece that you could compile. By drawing simple things every day a week, you can exercise your hands and develop your skills in drawing.
You can draw simple things like a book, cup, flower, or anything that catches your eye. For every illustration you draw, you challenge yourself to draw better in your next break or the next day. It does not only make you motivated to do your work and enhance your skills in drawing, but it also makes you feel accomplished for the day.

3. Gardening.
Who does not love an indoor garden where you can just cut off an ingredient for your salad? Gardening is quite a skill that you need to pour your patience. It does not need a lot of effort every day, but results love to take their time.
There are many varieties of plants that we can grow. Herbs are ingredients for cooking food, and flowering or ornamental plants are for decorating our houses and our gardens. These types of plants are fast and easy to grow and are used to practice one’s skills in gardening. Fruit-bearing plants, on the other hand, take years to cultivate and produce fruit, but you can already start planting the seeds now and allow them to grow with you.

4. Learn a new language.
As the world progresses into a more globally competitive market, it is helpful to learn a new language, especially English, to communicate with many people. Some examples of the popular languages learned in the world are Mandarin, English, and Spanish, to name a few. Grow Forward JP Inc. offers English lessons, so book your lessons today!

Learning a language only takes of 5-10 minutes a day, which is a perfect thing to do when taking a quick break. It is time-efficient and practical for the world that we live in today.
Having something to look forward to makes you feel excited and motivated throughout the day. It can also make you feel accomplished and help you develop your hidden skills and talents, and as they said, “Practice makes it perfect.”