The Japanese school year is divided into three semesters and runs from April to March. The academic year begins in April. As a result, the first semester starts in April and finishes around July 20. Summer vacation is from July 20 to August 31 for most elementary, junior high, and high school learners. This schedule, however, varies by region because summer vacation does not mark the end of the academic year. It is common for students to have homework to complete and to return to school to participate in club activities over the summer. Some students attend cram schools and other extracurricular activities to learn.
As a result, the Grow English Department of Grow Forward JP. Inc. conducts the New Short Program for Japanese Learners as an annual activity. This web development company in the Philippines is based in Iloilo, and specializes not only in website design but also online English coaching. Grow Forward JP Inc. held a session to help students prepare for the new school year. We teach English Online for a number of hours in various areas to meet the demands and levels of the students. Because technology is so pervasive in our lives, there are a plethora of digital tools available to make online education more enjoyable. We make the most of digital teaching and tools by putting them on interactive learning platforms.

Teacher teaching the Japanese student virtually

Teachers prepare and practice ahead of time in order to master the lesson and deliver high-quality instruction to the students. They exchange ideas and methods for teaching the students. It is critical to ensure that students are learning while still having fun.

two female teachers with blue polo shirts sitting while holding a piece of paper

Day one of the short program starts. The teachers are all set and ready for the classes. This picture shows the students taking up the English lesson. They are all actively engaged in the class.

Grow Forward Jp. Inc is a globally competitive company with high employee standards and employees who are well-versed in skills, knowledge, and experience. And our English department’s primary goal is to assist students in improving their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through the use of an effective e-learning platform.