Ever encountered employers saying, “We have found a suitable candidate”, “You are shortlisted”, or worst, not hearing from them at all?

This is a phase we’ve all been to especially now that everyone is adapting to the new normal. Finding a job is more difficult than ever.

First thing of course is to look for job vacancies. You can make use of job hunting sites or even several social media platforms to find a job. Gone are the days where you will visit each building to ask for their vacancies. Employers are now resorting to posting their vacancies online to have a wide reach of potential applicants.
Make sure to read the qualification and job description. This is one way of checking if you are really fit for the role or if you still need to develop certain befitting of that vacancy.

Second is to gather information. After you’ve selected several job vacancies, make sure to research as much information as you can. Look into the company’s culture; solicit feedbacks from current and past employees and the background of the institution. This will help you assess if you can really work in that specific company for some time. You don’t want to be in a situation where you regret applying in that company. If not done correctly, this might result you to jumping from one company to another, an aspect that employers usually consider in hiring an applicant.

Now that you’re well informed about those companies you’re targeting, it’s time for you to draft your comprehensive resume. Make sure to highlight past working experiences relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Some employers are also requiring applicants to have an exam. For example if you’re applying in a web development company, you might want to refresh your coding skills which the company specifies or if you are applying for an ESL company you can polish your grammar structure and be ready for a demo class.

Once you pass the exam, you will reach the interview. This is where things get crucial. Since most interviews are done virtually, you can also consider your virtual background during the interview. You can either opt for a one color back ground, an image or blurring your original background. See to it that your internet connection is stable for you to deliver your thoughts properly and to avoid any interruptions that may cut the momentum of the interview.
There’s no right answer to the questions given by the interviewer. You just have to answer truthfully and sincerely. Though employers ask different questions depending on the position and company, it will be helpful if you anticipate some questions and prepare answers for them. This way you will already have an idea what will be the thought of your answers when you’re asked. Refrain from memorizing your answers. If it’s really inevitable make it seem like your thoughts and words are flowing naturally than it being scripted. Aside from the questions, you should also be prepared in terms of appearance. You want to make the interviewer feel that you really wanted to get this position and made several preparations prior to this interview.

Lastly, if asked by the interviewer if you have any questions, ask about the things that you want to know further about the company. This will still be part of your research about the organization and will help you decide if you will take their offer.

Of course you must remember that the important thing in finding a job is perseverance and grit. These will be your driving force during that phase.

Good luck on your journey!

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