After giving some thought and weighing the pros and cons of having your own website, you’ve finally decided to contact that salesperson who’s been offering you their web development services. Now what? How can you really benefit from your newly made website aside from having direct sales from it?

Having a website for your business is like having all sorts of information about your clients available at your fingertips. It is like a one-click cheat sheet for improving your current offerings. The question now is, how can you get these highly important information through your website? This is done using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a service that provides statistics and analytical tools for SEO and Google Ads. It tracks website performance and collects site necessary visitor’s insight.

Here are several advantages of Google Analytics to SME’s:

• Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Using Google Analytics is also one way of knowing whether your current marketing strategies are strategies are working. You don’t want to waste your resources and effort in marketing tactics that are not generating you sales

• Determine the lead source of user traffic

This is especially important if you are marketing on two or more online platforms. You can see which platform your users are using to click on your website links which can help you to improve your strategies for using these platforms.

• Track clients website activity

ThroughGoogle Analytics, you can track the number of purchases, abandoned carts, and almost purchases.

• Keep track of patterns and trends in user engagement.

Know when your users are active on your website and what motivates them to visit your page regularly.

• Collects demographic information

Information is one of the most essential part of a business. By using Google Analytics, you can get personal information of your clients which can help improve or even create a service or products specifically for them.

Is Google Analytics now on your list as a must-have for your website? Keep an eye out for the following critical metrics.

Google Analytics is a powerful platform that can be used for free and is user-friendly. A great tool which improved a lot of small businesses in the world for the past years.

If you are interested in using Google Analytics but don’t know how to, you can contact us here and we will handle it for you.

Make that business big!