Time sure flies and another year had passed! Let us all welcome the new year with enthusiasm and determination to achieve whatever endeavors we have. A new year always brings us to hope that there’s always tomorrow to see things in a new light light. With that, a web development company in Iloilo, Grow Forward JP Inc., and Grow English are set on another journey as they face another challenge of preparing for the Winter Short Program.
During the month of December, Grow English is not only busy preparing for the holidays. They are also preparing one of their important events, the Winter Short Program. This program is one of Grow English seasonal programs, held from December through January. This program offers classes to their Japanese students which help them review lessons and prepare for their upcoming examinations after their winter holiday vacation.
Why is this program being held during the holidays? Isn’t it vacation? It is, after all, a common school culture in Japan. Most schools continuously provide activities to their students like homework and school club activities organized by their club advisers during vacation. In addition, most students in Japan attend ‘juku’ known as ‘cram school’ or after-school class. Holiday vacation is the best time for students to catch up with their studies and prepare for examinations. They have more free time and less school work during these times.
Meanwhile, Grow English organizes group discussions about the lessons and materials for classes for their teachers. Its purpose is to synchronize the activities and strategies for the classes. Following these discussions, teachers conduct practice classes with their fellow teachers. These practice classes are beneficial and have been proven to increase teachers’ confidence in handling their lessons smoothly and efficiently. These activities are designed to ensure quality classes, but they are also enjoyable and educational for Grow English teachers.
Also, one of their goals is to make the classes fun and convenient for students because they believe students can learn better if they can relate and enjoy their lessons. These activities are based on their lessons and help them learn more. It’s a strategy used by Grow English teachers that has a significant impact on students’ learning progress.
Winter Short Program is one of the programs that teachers and students enjoy. Both get to share their plans for the Christmas holiday and New Year. It also helps both parties appreciate each other’s culture. With the efforts of everyone, this year’s Winter Short Program may be another successful event for Grow English and their students.