JUNE 2021, GROW ENGLISH – YouTube is the most visited website in the world, and it is an excellent medium for entertainment and education. Grow English, which has been innovative and has made a greater effort to provide English learning easily and conveniently, will launch the Grow English Official channel on YouTube on July 2.
This channel will help Japanese English learners with English lessons and provide free English activities on YouTube. The channel also aims to entertain Japanese students with informative and fun content about the Philippines and Filipinos.

What to Expect
The Grow English YouTube team is composed of teachers who have been teaching Japanese students for years. In the midst of the pandemic, students and teachers clung to stories about their countries, which helped us overcome difficult times. With this, this group of teachers has developed an idea for reaching Japanese students who are struggling with both English study and dealing with the pandemic blues.
The Grow English Official YouTube channel will be sharing videos about English vocabulary, grammar and helpful tips. the channel will also publish short English quizzes, which are best for assessing your English skills. This channel will also feature fun and behind-the-scenes content from Grow English activities.


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