Everyone wants to improve their English skills easily, however, learning a language takes a lot of effort and consistency. In adapting to the new normal, many people consider learning new skills and learning English is one of it.

No one can be good at something overnight unless you have the exceptional intellectual ability. So, if you’re not sure where to start, here are some easy ways to improve your English skills.

    1. 1. Watch English movies or short clips.
      Sometimes English expressions and vocabularies that are learned through textbooks are different from what’s used in the actual situations. That’s one of the reasons why people get confused when they talk to a native speaker. So, if you’re a visual and auditory learner, watching movies or short clips (if it’s too long for you) is perfect for you.
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    2. 2. Learn five to ten vocabularies a day.
      Learning five or ten vocabularies per day takes about ten to fifteen minutes, so give yourself some time to absorb the vocabulary. There’s no need to rush; if five or ten is too much for you, you can learn one vocabulary word per day. Learning English should be enjoyable, so study at your own pace. You can also read a short story and make a list of the new words you learn. After reading and studying the vocabulary, reread it.
    3. 3. Think and write in English.
      If you don’t have the opportunity to speak English every day, you can use your old notebooks. Think about your day and begin writing an English journal in which you can share your thoughts about your day, your realizations, and your progress. Here’s a simple tip: write down the vocabulary that describes your day, then start making simple sentences and afterwards rewrite it add transition words (but, however, first, second, after, for example, etc.)
      You can also make use of your social media platforms by sharing about your day or any photos in English.
    4. 4. Read, read, and read.
      Start with short and simple books, such as a picture book or a children’s book, which are ideal for beginners like Aesop’s Fables. If you need help understanding the English vocabulary as well as the story, you can book a FREE lesson with us at https://grow-fwd.com/trial/. We will not only discuss the stories, but we have also planned some activities for you to help you remember the entire story.
    5. 5. Book a lesson with us and have fun!
      Book a lesson with us to immerse yourself in the English language.
      Choose the best course for you and enjoy the class with your chosen teacher.
      Learning English does not have to be stressful, so we always make an effort to provide a fun environment.

That’s it! These are the five easy ways to improve your English skills. I hope this helps!
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