It is holiday season – the perfect month to reward or recognize employees after a long 12 months of hard work. Companies offer a variety of holiday incentives aside from the mandated 13th month pay in the Philippines. This can range from a simple celebration with activities and holiday dishes prepared for employees to indulge and enjoy.Similarly, Grow Forward JP, Inc. celebrates Christmas in advance with its employees and the latter can invite over their families. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the company had to transition its Christmas activities virtually. Nevertheless, facilitators still made the virtual Christmas party fun for everyone.
The holiday spirit is livelier than ever came 2021 when the number of COVID-19 cases is steadily decreasing. Protocols in most areas of the country are also easing. For instance, the provincial government of Aklan allowed entry to Boracay for fully-vaccinated individuals along with other requirements which can be seen in their guide for tourists going to Boracay Island.
Considering ninety-five percent (95%) of the company are already fully-vaccinated, the management decided to celebrate Christmas and give employees a well-deserved break through a 3-DAY TRIP TO BORACAY!

Boracay escapade 2021

Grow Forward JP Inc employees taking picture with beautiful sunset at the background Grow Forward JP Inc female employees sitting at the white sand of BoracayGrow Forward JP Inc female employees


Upon arrival on the 24th, the employees immediately went for long walks by the beach, appreciate the idyllic ocean view, and wait for the ever famous Boracay sunset.

Employees welcomed Christmas by reveling the night life in the Island.



The fun continued on day two as it was spent on trying out different island activities such as paddle boarding and banana boating. In the evening, all had their fill in an eat-all-you-can dinner at Nalka Seafood Restaurant.


Grow Forward JP, Inc employees enjoying riding at the banana boatGrow Forward JP, Inc enjoying snorkelingGrow Forward JP Inc employees having drinksGrow Forward JP Inc employees taking picture

Employees went home on the 26th with contentment making their Christmas merrier than before. Employees who were not able to go were given a ticket to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s premier.

The trip is only one of the incentives given by Grow Forward JP, Inc. to its employees. In previous years, teachers also have the chance to be sent to Japan to meet and work in-person with the students.

Aside from recognition, these incentives are made to ensure that employees feel valued.

If you are looking for a company that values your growth, recognize your skills and capabilities, with competitive salary and provide extra-curricular activities to enjoy, Grow Forward JP, Inc. may be the one for you.

We are hiring online English teachers, general affairs assistant officer, web developers, ui/ux designers, and part-time sales agents.

If interested, send your resume to our email to book an exam schedule.

Come and enjoy the holidays with us this 2022!