Do you frequently find yourself scanning your notes, cramming everything in your head an hour before your test? Do you want to ace the exam or at least pass it, but you can’t because of a bad habit? Have you considered getting into cram school or an online class now that we’re experiencing a pandemic? Does cram school help? If all of your answers are “Yes”, then this blog is for you.

Cram schools, also known as review centers, are specialized centers in a specified subject or subjects. It prepares the students for upcoming exams and most commonly to pass entrance exams in high school, a university, or even board exams.

Cramming happens a day or two before your exam. It is a short period of study in which you must learn a lot of information quickly and remember everything for an exam. We can’t deny that it sounds and feels exhausting. So why don’t we break that bad habit and try to practice these few easy tips?

    1. 1. Be early and ready.
      Time management is extremely important when trying to prevent cramming. Whatever you do, be on time, whether you’re going to a meeting, or have a class in the morning. Setting yourself and your mind first 30 minutes before your exam time is important in order to avoid cramming. It also requires self-discipline and motivation. Studying early will help you store more information and gain more knowledge you need for your exam day.


  1. 2. Spend some time studying every day.
    If you have to carry a big box full of items once in a while, it will be heavy. Cramming, like studying, is like a big box. You try to lift everything going to your brain, and it tends to collapse, and you won’t remember a single thing during the examination hours. Reviewing one topic a day for 30 minutes or an hour won’t be a heavy load. And if this particular topic is more understandable with examples, you still have time to search on the internet for deeper understanding.


  1. 3. Take advantage of the time you are most productive.
    We admit that our brain is not always engaged in studying, no matter how much we force ourselves to study and try to understand something. But there are times when we have that drive to study no matter how long it takes. Take advantage of that time to motivate yourself to study when you are feeling alert and attentive.


  1. 4. Listen and take good notes in class.
  2. There is no time for individual questions in cram school, especially if there are a lot of you in class. All you have to do is listen carefully, take notes on important details, and if there is an opportunity to ask questions after the class, do so. Notes taken during discussions are hurried and sloppy. And most of the time, it is hard to understand. So while the lesson is still fresh from your head, rewrite your notes. Not only will rewriting your notes make them more visually appealing, but it will also help you remember the lesson. You are also avoiding the need to cram on the day of the exam.


  1. 5. Study smart.
    Usually, we hear people saying study hard. But when you study smart, you find the best method or way of studying that works for you. Choose the method that you think works best for you, such as studying early in the morning or before going to bed. Highlighting keywords and phrases in your notes, as well as creating graphs or charts, will help you understand your lesson better.