VDTech Constructions, Inc. is composed of a high skilled technical team and finished carpenters....

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    The USA Publications is the official student press corps of the University of San...

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  • Sekikawa Skin

    Sekikawa Skin is a dermatological building that deals with general dermatology,...

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  • Shimizu Otolaryngology

    Shimizu is a center of Otorhinolaryngology. Since complicated medical terminology is a fact,...

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  • Saito Neurosurgery

    Saito Neurosurgery uses high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose...

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  • Kokoro no clinic

    Kokoro is a mental treatment center for internal medicine located in Higashi Ozu...

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  • Apotry Co., Ltd.

    Apotry is a pharmaceutical and nursing care center that mainly operates in Uwajima City....

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  • Basic Template 2

    Basic template 2 was designed as a basic corporate website with a limit of...

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  • Standard Template 1

    Standard Template 1 was designed to have a business impact on the users. This...

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  • Standard Template 2

    Standard Template 2 focuses on building a business image. This site home page is...

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  • E-commerce Template 1

    E-commerce template 1 home page is designed to display all the important details the...

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  • E-commerce Template 2

    E-commerce template 2 focuses on personal businesses. We created this model to show the...

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  • Surplus Shop

    Shop Card

    The card was customized with a design that fits the Surplus store we also added the actual product image in the back part so that the customers can check some of the products that they're selling.

  • Kinken Hime

    Tarpaulin Design

    Kinke Hime tarpaulin was designed with a large mascot logo to have a good social impact, easy to recognize and build a good brand image.

  • Jaro Omurice

    Logo Design

    Omurice logo was customized for our Japanese client. This logo is created with a modernized concept that will be more attractive to Filipino customers and at the same time, to show the Japanese spirit.

  • Office Taro

    Shop Card

    Office taro is a company that sells, rents and purchases used office furniture. We created the shop card based on their services and company color scheme. The red color represents the trust, peace, and strength we give to the customers.

  • Grow Forward

    Business Card

    This business card was customized by our graphics team. We equipped it with a quick response (QR) code that directs you to the page or website upon scanning.

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