Is it your first time teaching English?
Is it your first time teaching English online?
Is it your first time to teach English online to Japanese students?

Learning English is such an exciting thing to do, therefore, people from around the world would like to learn, speak, and entertain themselves using the English language.

Here, we will be talking about

  1. (1) what are online English classes, and why is it important to the new normal situation,
  2. (2) what is the future of online English,
  3. (3) why teach Japanese students the English language online,
  4. (4) how to prepare for your online English class with your Japanese Students.

So hold on to this piece and enjoy this good read!


Online English class is a tool to help people of all ages improve their skills and fluency in speaking the English language.
This includes learning the fundamentals of grammar, speaking, listening, and writing.
These classes can be group classes or individual classes that are designed for the student’s needs and goals in learning the English language.
People from around the world enroll indifferent Online English classes for the following reasons:


Online English class allows the students to pay a lesser amount because they will only be paying for the teacher’s time and certain lessons. They also have a choice to purchase a printed book or an e-book since they can find information on the internet.
However, in an actual classroom setup, the student will have to pay for school facilities, study-related services, transportation, school supplies, and learning materials like books, projects, and schoolbags.

Online English courses and classes are beneficial for both teachers and students nowadays, online classes are in high demand due to a global pandemic where everyone has to stay and work from home. This gives the teachers the opportunity to continue while having lesser expenses. This is because they don’t need to rent or ride public transportation for work, the lesser cost for teaching-related trainings, and expenses for school or teaching materials because they have a full-time access to other and better materials. After all by the internet through different platforms. They can create various quizzes and new materials with the use of applications and websites that could help to make their workload lighter and faster to accomplish.


English speaking course online can be booked and taken anytime and anywhere using only phones or a laptop with a good internet connection. Students can also cancel and rebook their online English classes anytime that is most convenient for them. It is also beneficial to adults who work and students who have full-time or part-time jobs who want to enroll in online English courses that offer 7 to 15-minute classes, which they can take before, during, or after work, while they are resting or while doing light household chores. With advanced technology, access to different teaching materials can be provided promptly. Students and teachers can also choose to purchase books or e-books as an aid to learning and teaching English online.

Teaching English online offers a great benefit to educators. Teachers could provide a high-quality class at their most convenient time without the risk of being late. They could also have time to rest and prepare for their next classes.

Comfort and Safety

COVID-19 has affected 219 countries across the globe with over 500,000 new cases daily according to Worldometer. This has hindered some daily activities that used to be comfortable and safe. However, that doesn’t stop the opportunities for students to learn English online. Students can be as comfortable as they like during a class, they can take classes in their pajamas, eat snacks while answering their quizzes and essays, and slouch on their couch as they listen to their teachers. With this, they can continue studying at home without worrying about getting exposed to COVID-19.

The same goes for teachers. They can stay safe in their homes without the need to go to school by bus or train and risk their health by being around potential carriers of the virus, and still deliver a great class. Teachers are not exempted from being comfortable. They can wear a great top that shows their professional side while wearing pajamas on the lower half.


Nowadays, choices are unlimited, and so are online English language courses. There are many courses to choose from according to their needs and goals in speaking the English language. First, some courses and lessons focus on grammar, listening, and speaking, as well as vocabulary enrichment. For adult students, there are courses like Travel English and Business English courses that they can learn for traveling or for work. Second, students can choose what time and how long their classes are, this gives them time to study for their other subjects in school, and do personal errands like work or rest. Third, students can choose the teacher they are most comfortable to study English with. This creates a great student-teacher relationship that promotes the confidence of the student to speak and eventually grow to have more conversations without having to translate Japanese words into English.

Choices for online English courses aren’t limited to students; teachers are also given the choice of how much time they want to spend teaching English online. This job is beneficial to both students in the teaching field and profession all who are proficient and fluent in speaking English and are qualified to teach and earn from teaching English online.


There are over 7.8 billion people in the world and each person has their own needs and ways of doing things. The same goes for the way they learn. A student might need extra help and time during a lesson. Usually, some Japanese students translate Japanese words in English, and they take time to translate English to Japanese so the teacher adjusts to help the student understand the lesson easier and provide a lesson that is well suited for the student’s level. Lastly, the student can get instant feedback and corrections from the teacher. This gives the student a chance to practice speaking English without being shy to ask or make mistakes.

Teachers are given the freedom to design a lesson that can help students enhance their skills in English by offering online English courses like Speaking and Listening courses, Grammar courses, and Writing courses. They adjust their teaching approach to different levels of students. First, teachers identify and observe the student’s level to determine the appropriate materials to use.

They consider the following factors:

  • purpose,
  • objectives,
  • suitability to the student,
  • activities,
  • fun and attention-grabbing qualities

For kids, they enjoy learning English with games and songs. However, for beginner students who are young adults and older, teachers give basic words, and basic grammar lessons, then practice them through applied speaking activities like simple question-and-answer. For student levels from intermediate to advanced, teachers focus on the usage and review of the grammar lesson through speaking activities that use questions that are experience and opinion-based. Moreover, there are also course practices for English proficiency tests like EIKEN, TOEIC and TOEFL. There, teachers adjust their teaching methods to help the student pass through different stages and levels. For working adults who want to study English online, teachers also offer Travel courses and Business courses to help them communicate with locals while they are traveling or while they are working with foreigners.

Second, teachers offer these courses and practice through guided and non-guided approaches for the student’s benefit. They also make sure that their student will have a fun learning experience.

Last, teachers research and provide teaching resources online such as videos, pictures, worksheets, and even educational game platforms that help to learn online more effectively.


According to Shannon Fernandez of Teachaway, by 2021, 2 billion people are estimated to be studying English online. That means it’s more than a quarter of the world’s population which is 7.8 billion people.

By the succeeding years, online English classes are expected to keep increasing, according to the British Council.


Japanese people take online classes to have better scores in their English proficiency test for their target school, and eventually careers.

Did you know you also get the same benefits as them? Maybe even more, and here’s why:

  1. 1. You get higher earnings because of the in-demand quality of online English classes.
  2. 2. You get to improve your skills in teaching because of your exposure to different learners.
  3. 3. You get to experience the rich and unique culture of Japan through different people from different prefectures.
  4. 4. You get to meet great students because Japanese students are polite, respectful, and humble.


Never go to a class unprepared, so here’s how to provide an effective yet fun English class for your students:

Technical Preparations

  1. 1. Check the quality of your internet connection.
  2. 2. Prepare and check if your laptop, camera, microphone, and headset are functioning well.
  3. 3. Make sure good you are in an area with less background noise and good lighting.

Class Preparations

  1. 1. Japanese students are always on time, so be punctual.
  2. 2. Prepare all necessary teaching materials 10 minutes before the class.
  3. 3. Be aware of their culture and adjust to their behavior during the class

Personal Preparations

  1. 1. Research trendy topics for adults when you’re building rapport with them.
  2. 2. Prepare games, icebreakers, and activities for kids.
  3. 3. Have extra activities about your lesson for additional practice and mastery.
  4. 4. Reduce teacher talking time by preparing open-ended questions that could help students practice speaking in English,
  5. 5. Learn their language, too. Japanese students feel more comfortable when you can speak some basic Japanese expressions.

Therefore, teaching English online is such a challenging and fulfilling job.
You become a learner, a benefactor, a teacher, and a better person through all these.

Being a teacher doesn’t end by just giving lessons. It also includes passion and eagerness to help our students with their educational needs and goals.

Also, it doesn’t have to be boring; students love fun classes!
Fun teachers always get most of the students. Be that kind of teacher that provides a fun and worthwhile learning.

Good luck with your class!