Thoughts have run day by day, believing that it will figure itself out.
Ideas are gathered, but they are not concrete and lack stability.
Overthinking can disrupt your concentration, so find ways to convert those thoughts.
You have this passion, imagination, and spirit, but you still feel sluggish and unaccomplished.
Thoughts have consumed you, the longing for all that could have been.
As the global crisis issues continue to arise, it drains you. Feeling down during these challenging times can leave you uninspired and cause you to withdraw from your usual tasks and activities.

With the alarming rate of this pandemic, online platforms have proven to be a useful tool for everything from guidelines, protocols, standardized procedures, contacting loved ones to sharing news, stock market, simply daily happenings in life, and as a pastime. The disadvantages are simply that it has confined everyone, causing us to sometimes compare our lives to others as a result of too much exposure and unbalanced consumption of social media. Those things happen unintentionally; perhaps it’s time to limit our time on social media. Begin by planning out when you’ll be interacting. Then, begin following content creators and accounts that are both healthy and, more importantly, inspirational to you. And first, decide what you believe in.

Focus on establishing work, life, and balance; don’t let burnout consume you.
Before engaging or reacting to issues in online platforms, try reflecting the THINK method:
T-Is it Truthful?
H-will it Help others?
I-is it meant to Inspire?
N-is it Necessary?
K-is it Kind?

Don’t let online platforms consume you. Try to find the ingenuity to do the activities you used to enjoy.
Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has forced everyone to make changes, and staying motivated can be tricky so take care of yourself. Though this pandemic feels endless, it will eventually come to an end.
Let’s find silver lining in our current drawbacks. Allow yourself to fail, but recover fast. The pandemic has brought everything to a halt, but we can always start over; what is important is that we learn. You’re so much more! Keep your head up, you can do it!

There is so much life has to offer; you’ve been fantastic in the past and will be even better in the future. Make self-care a priority. Allow your motivation to grow even more!