Business Policy

At Grow Forward JP, Inc., an employee’s determined and ambitious mindset can influence the ability of the entire team to work efficiently and deliver quality output that maintains our good relationships with people.

  1. 01 Footwork

    Attaining knowledge and thirsting for more is the will to become a lifelong learner and to inspire people along the way.

  2. 02 Network

    Connections with influential people come with the benefit of attaining expertise and awareness about essential things in life.

  3. 03 Lifework

    The vitality of work leads to a fulfilling life.

  4. 04 Teamwork

    One team working together to achieve one goal while maintaining the hierarchy of responsibilities and duties based on professional positions.

Our Vision

A company that is needed by the people.

A company that continuously provides indispensable and innovative products and services that will adapt to the evolving society and community needs.

I started to imagine the creation of this company with my people. We believe in the concept that people's growth is the company's growth.

I wanted to engage and work with clients to provide them with various services and build growing relationships. My goal is to lead a company that provides the necessary solutions to people.

Kiyomitsu Watanabe

Grow Forward JP Inc. CEO

Grow ITech

Grow iTech operates the company's IT services. Our experienced programmers and designers offer various web development solutions to customers in both Japan and the Philippines.

Grow English

Grow English is a team of dynamic and well-trained English teachers who guide Japanese learners in achieving proficiency and fluency in the English language through online and personal instruction.

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Meet the Awesome Team

Kiyota Watanabe

PH General Manager

Donna Mae Ejecotor

HR Supervisor

Jhenny Dee Jover

Grow English Supervisor

Allen Gerard Daguay

Sales Representative

Shiena Rose Garzon

Grow IT Supervisor

Domison Orcajada

Grow IT Web Developer

Leica Hope Bandiola

Lead Designer

Kaori Ito

JP Forward General Affairs Head Manager

Daisuke Nomoto

JP Grow Manager

Tomoya Nakamura

JP Grow Supervisor

Tomoaki Takaichi

JP Forward Senior Software Engineer

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